Please note that submitting this form serves as a request for a quote and does not constitute an official booking. Kindly anticipate a notification from our team within 15-30 minutes to confirm and finalize your booking.
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Shop. Tap. Go.

Our free passenger app allows you to download, check pricing and book from instantly! When their driver is dispatched, receive a notification and  track their car’s location in real-time. Here are some other features included in the passenger app:

– Create reservations
– Submit quote requests
– Look up pricing for trips
– Create/confirm/cancel reservations
– Track your driver
– Push notification support
– Pay pending balances on reservations
– Update your account profile and password
– Update your billing information
– Email yourself receipts

– Get your current location and approximate address
– Request meet & greet service
– Request car seats
– Apply Promo codes

Corporate Client Features:
– Create/manage your passengers
– Update passenger billing information
– Book reservations on behalf of your passengers